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Our Legacy Society

Keeping the torch lit for the future

Our Legacy Society members are a special group of supporters who have made estate plans that include a commitment to the Foundation for Physical Therapy Research. Membership in the Society is bestowed without regard to gift level, as each commitment represents a lifetime pledge to the Foundation that expresses the desire for investing in physical therapy research.

By taking the next step and becoming a member of the Legacy Society through a gift in your will or trust, you will join a select group of friends and similarly inspire others by your commitment to support the future of the physical therapy profession.

We recognize Legacy Society members in our Annual Report and other publications annually. Members receive a special Legacy pin and invitations to various events. If you prefer to remain anonymous, we will honor your request.

Please let us know if you have included the Foundation for Physical Therapy Research in your plans so that we may ensure we use the gift as you intended and welcome you as a member of the Legacy Society.

The most important benefit you will receive from becoming a Legacy Society member is the satisfaction derived from making a lasting contribution to the Foundation's long-term prosperity.

Legacy Society Members:

John and Rhonda Barr
Nancy and Fred Byl
Susan C. Clinton
Barbara H. Connolly
Kent and Merle Culley
Pamela A. Duffy
Joe and Edie Farrell
Edee Field-Fote
Jill A. Floberg
Marilyn Gerhard
Roger A. Herr
Bette C. Horstman
Loretta Knutson and Gary Soderberg
Carole B. Lewis
Theresa Marko
Irene R. McEwen
James and Ardis McKillip
Peter McMenamin
Susan L. Michlovitz
Ruth Mitchell *
Marilyn Moffat
Janet M. Peterson
Dorothy Pinkston *
Rick and Gwenn Rausch
Paul and Judith Rockar
Randy Roesch
Robyn Roth, PT, APT, MPA and Mack McKinley
Sara Schoppenhorst *
Shawne Soper
Katherine A. Stemm
Steve Tepper and Linda Paferi
Brad A. Thuringer
Pat A. Traynor
Michael Weinper
Francis J. Welk
Steven and Lois Wolf

* deceased

FPTR is proud to have the support of a robust group of Legacy Society donors who wish to remain anonymous.